Save fuel with the Fronius PV-Genset solution

Around the world, diesel generators totalling approximately 400 gigawatts of output provide power to industrial plants, mines, backup systems and off-grid communities. In many places, the power supply is unstable and the electricity expensive. For those who rely on diesel or gas as their primary source of energy, it generally means high and very variable costs for energy generation, dictated by the price of oil, transport costs and taxes. In contrast, the cost of solar energy has been continually sinking for several years. There is a trend towards the “hybridisation” of existing off-grid or backup diesel systems with photovoltaics. Thanks to our photovoltaic Genset solutions (PV-Genset), we can contribute to significant savings on expensive fuel, to reducing energy costs and with it improving the quality of life for people in the area supplied.

The Fronius PV-Genset solution at a glance

PV-Genset solution

The inverter converts the direct current from the solar modules into alternating current and provides the PV-Genset system with as much PV energy as possible.

The Fronius PV system controller measures all power flows in the system, enabling it to control the PV power in the most optimum manner.

The diesel generator is the primary source of energy in the PV-Genset system. The PV energy relieves the diesel generator, which saves fuel.

The consumers are supplied with solar energy by the PV-Genset system.

The Fronius current sensors measure the loads.

To provide additional protection for the generator, the Fronius measurement extension can be used as a quick reverse-power protection measure to perform an emergency shutdown.

The PV-Genset solution can also be used for backup applications.

David Hanek - Product Management

“Fronius has made it a strategic aim to supply products that provide answers to the question of rural electrification. This includes saving fuel, thanks to the intelligent controller. PV-Genset is a bridge technology in accordance with 24 hours of sun, to shape and design a world away from fossil fuels, towards renewable energies. With our unique service plan, Fronius can guarantee the reliable function of the PV-Genset system. The range of large string inverters can be perfectly integrated into PV-Genset applications to meet any demand for flexibility and provide maximum yield.”

The Fronius PV system controller

The Fronius PV system controller ensures there is a consistent power balance at all times. It controls the entire system, provides reliable yields and maximises fuel savings by using data from the Fronius inverters together with load measurements. The Fronius PV system controller assumes the following tasks:

  • It checks that the diesel generators are continuously being used in an optimal manner, even at low loads.
  • It also ensures responsive control over the photovoltaic output. Fluctuations are immediately compensated for, relieving strain on the diesel generator.

Every PV-Genset system can be designed, monitored, analysed and visualised using the Fronius Solar.web online portal. The user can call up the clearly presented system data at any time and use the smartphone app when on the move. Fronius provides the operator with excellent support when planning the PV-Genset system. Simulations are used to calculate the highest possible savings that can be achieved. Thanks to the open structure of our system, it is possible to implement individual solutions containing third-party components. With the Fronius Datamanager 2.0, Fronius solutions can be incorporated into a control system using Modbus RTU or TCP with the SunSpec Inverter Control Model.

PV-Genset: proven in the field

PV-Genset solution in northern Lebanon

In Deir el Ahmar, located in northern Lebanon, the Fronius PV-Genset solution was used in combination with a diesel generator to supply power to an irrigation system. Daily scheduled power outages lasting up to six hours and the unstable nature of the grid required the use of a decentralised power source. Fronius PV-Genset was the ideal backup system to ensure a continuous supply of electricity. “We enjoyed exceptional support from Fronius Technical Support while the system was being installed. As a result, the commissioning process could not have been smoother,” said Francois Farage of Green Essence Lebanon. Find out more