Geneva, New York

New York
QwikSolar partnered with Fronius to bring this massive solar farm to life. This remote net metered project is actually 35 separate projects totaling 1.5 MW of power.

Using New York state’s remote net metering law, and the NYSERDA NY-Sun Solar Electric Incentive Program, these projects credit energy directly to the accounts of 10 homeowners and 25 businesses. Currently one third complete, the project uses 25 Fronius Primo single-phase inverters and 40 Symo three-phase inverters. All the systems are locally owned with the tax credits and savings staying in the local economy.

Organizations involved: NYSERDA, USDA, Qwiksolar LLC, Wallace Farms LLC

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Installation data

Size of installation 1.5 MW
Purpose, system type Solar Farm
Inverter Fronius Primo, Fronius Symo