Fronius USA Headquarters, Indiana

Fronius USA completed a portion of their PV solar array expansion in early August 2014 to help build the ITRAC (Innovations Test Research and Application Center).
Fronius USA array in Portage, IN USA

The size of the US facility allows for even further expansion but currently houses well over 500 modules and is potentially capable of producing 211 kW. In the month of August, Fronius USA saw savings of 30% on the electric bill of the 400,000 square foot facility.

"The partnership with Fronius International to create ITRAC helps secure our products and company as the leader in innovation in the United States", said Thomas Enzendorfer, Director of Solar Energy at Fronius USA. "Pushing our products to the limit in real-life situations and finding solutions secure us as a quality leader in the United States for inverter technology."

ITRAC allows for the ability of Fronius USA to further develop and research both current and potential new products for the USA solar industry.

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Installation data

Size of installation 211 kW
Purpose, system type Fronius USA ITRAC
Module type and area CentroSolar E250B and Trinasolar-Smartmodules TSM-245PA05.28
Inverter Fronius Galvo, Fronius Primo and Fronius IG Plus Advanced
Commissioned July 2014
Annual yield Approx. 30 % of electrical needs
Location Portage, IN
Designer & Engineer Johnson Melloh