Howe, indiana toll road plaza

Howe, Indiana

Indiana Toll Road Concession Company (ITRCC) strives not only to operate a world-class toll road but to do so in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way. In the past year IRTCC has been a part of a few sustainability initiatives including: replacing roadway lights with energy efficient LED fixtures, planting 700 trees along the Indiana Toll Road and recently opening travel plazas with solar arrays. 

Indiana Toll Road 3

The Howe toll plaza is one of four that are now equipped with solar arrays. A 217 kW array is installed on the Howe toll plaza and fuel canopies. The PV system consists of a total of 10 Fronius Symo inverters and 700 310W poly-crystalline solar panels.   

Installation Data

 Size of Installation

 217 kW
 Purpose, System Type  Almost 14800 sq. ft. of Solar modules
 Module Type  700 310W poly-crystalline solar PV modules
 Inverter  8 20kW Fronius Symo Inverters and 2 12.5kW Fronius Symo Inverters
 Location  Howe, Indiana
 Installer  Midwest Wind & Solar
 Special Feature  This array is one of four that are helping power the Indiana Toll Road.