New Ebenezer Baptist Church, Indiana

Jefferson Electric LLC used Fronius inverters to help make this 20 kW instal­lation come to life at New Ebenezer Baptist Church in Merrillville, Indiana.

Installed in 2015, the entire system consists of 80 Solarworld modules, 2 Fronius Symo SnapINverters. On average, the system produces 20 kW and saves the church an estimate of $3-4K per year in energy bills. Jefferson Elec­tric was able to secure a grant from the Indiana Office of Energy Development to help finance the system.

Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church was first established in East Chicago, Indiana over 60 years ago. When the New Ebenezer Baptist Church was esta­blished in Merrillville, Indiana they sought to cut down their utility costs for the parish. New Ebenezer now participates in the Climate Boot camp; an event hosted by Hoosier Interfaith Power & Light. The focus of this organization is to equip faith leaders to speak confidently about climate change, its impacts and to respond wisely to the critical challenge. Reverend Tom Brian hopes to influence more churches in the area to go solar.

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Installation data

Size of installation 20 kW
Purpose, system type PV public building
Module type and area Solarworld 80, 60 Cell, 285 Watt modules
Inverter 2 Fronius Symo SnapINverter
Commissioned Q4 2015
Annual yield Approx. 30,000 kWh per year
CO2 saved/year est. $ 3-4k per year
Optional: Special feature Grant from the Indiana Office of Energy Development