Harvest Hill Golf Course, New York

New York
To help reduce facility operations costs, the Harvest Hill Golf Course worked with Frey Electric to install a 37.44 kW PV array on their newly renovated carthouses.

The array is expected to offset 20% of the golf course's annual energyproduction. The 144-module array installed on the cart houses posed a challenge in installation, but Frey Electric utilized a basket lift to counteract the steep roof angle. The steep roofs offer a performance benefit, as they helps hed snow in the winter months, which will increase overall energy production for the golf course.

Each roof has 72 modules, making corresponding array layouts well matched for integration with four Fronius IG Plus Advanced 10 kW inverters. The designers initially considered using micro inverters, however decided upon Fronius string inverters due to the convenience of servicing the inverter at the ground level as opposed to the high-steeped roofs. Lifts certainly added to the difficulty for the installation crew, but they found sustainable solutions with some help from Fronius tools as well.

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Installation data

Size of installation 37.44 kW
Purpose, system type Golf Course Cart House, roof mounted
Module type and area 144 Helios Solar Works
Inverter 4 Fronis IG Plus Advanced 10.0
Commissioned July 2013
Annual yield Approx. 36,262 kWh
Location Orchard Park, NY
Designer & Engineer Frey Electric