Fronius SOLH2ub - 
Decentralized hub for solar energy with green hydrogen

Fronius believes in 24 hours of sun - a future with 100 % renewable energy. Hydrogen will play a central role in the future of energy, as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels and a seasonal storage for renewable energy. It is for this reason that we have been researching the topic since 2002.

With Fronius SOLH2UB – a system for producing, storing, distributing and re-electrifying green hydrogen – we are now working on a sustainable solution for mobility as well as energy supply in municipalities and for businesses.

Fuelling of Vehicles

H2 vehicles transform hydrogen into heat and electricity which is used for powering an electric motor; the only emission that is produced is steam.

How it Works

By means of electrolysis, green hydrogen is produced from water and solar power. It can be stored and used for fuelling H2 vehicles. The hydrogen can also be stored seasonally and then transferred back to electricity and heat from the entailed fuel cell.

Another Step Towards 24 hours of Sun

As a decentralised hub for solar energy, Fronius SOLH2UB produces green hydrogen from solar power. It thereby allows for the innovative integration of the electric, transport and heating sectors. This is an important step towards our vision of 24 hours of sun.

Technical Data

Power 6 kWp
Technology PEM
Continuous input power 18 kW
H2 production max. 4,35 kg per day / 2 Nm3 per hour
Output pressure 350 bar
H2 quality (purity) 5.0
  Modular container can fit multiple electrolyzers.
  24 pressure tanks (50 l each, 1200 l in total)
Storage capacity 350 bar 27 kg

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