Start with some good advice


Efficient intralogistics begins with the right advice. Read about how Fronius supports users with the composition of their forklift truck fleets from start to finish.
Different drive technologies, different shift models, travel routes and building structures: in intralogistics, there is a multitude of factors that can influence the efficiency and capacity of a forklift fleet. The right design can usually cut reduce operating costs by a significant amount. But as a user, how do you get an overview of this? It's simple: with an expert partner.
Fronius Perfect Charging supports current and future forklift truck operators with an in-depth energy consultation. We look at the current state of your intralogistics in minute detail: from the size and features of your fleet to operating times and break times, as well as peak power consumption and building layout. Using the Fronius I-SPoT Calculator, we use this data to calculate the total costs of ownership (TCO) for the respective drive technology. This also enables us to calculate whether, for example, lead batteries, lithium-ion batteries or fuel cells would be the most economical alternative for your needs.

Based on these results, we provide you with specific recommendations for action regarding how you can make more efficient use of your forklift trucks. We show you the energy consumption per vehicle and application and compare the impact that various energy packages, break times, charging profiles and travel routes can have on the consumption figures. We also plan the optimum positioning and design of your battery charging technology – naturally in full compliance with all standards and safety rules. You benefit from an efficient intralogistics setup with high availability – and minimal operating costs.

Are you interested in a no-obligation energy consultation? Then don't delay and get in touch with us now!