Supermarket chain Alì relies on innovative battery charging technology from Fronius


03-04-2019 / Padova / Italy
The Italian supermarket chain, Alì, has optimised availability and reduced operating costs at its logistics centre by using charging technology from Fronius. Find out how in the full story here.
The Alì supermarket chain is one of northern Italy’s leading food retailers. The company provides its customers with high-quality, fresh produce from selected suppliers in more than 110 stores. In order to secure its own long-term growth, Alì has invested in a new logistics centre. A fleet of 350 electric forklift trucks is responsible for the internal transport of goods.
These forklifts are part of a rental package with a full-service contract, which also covers the traction batteries. Innovative battery charging technology from Fronius has been chosen to ensure that these batteries can be charged efficiently and reliably. The battery charging room is equipped with 44 Selectiva chargers with power ratings of 2kW and 8kW. Thanks to the innovative Ri charging process, these are particularly frugal in their power consumption and are gentle on the batteries.
Fronius also installed the Cool Battery Guide Easy information and management system for Alì. This significantly improves battery pool utilisation by intuitively guiding employees to the battery that has been fully charged for the longest and is therefore the coolest. This maintains capacity for as long as possible. By using charging technology from Fronius, the supermarket chain has been able to optimise the availability of its forklift trucks and significantly cut its operating costs.

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